How to Craft a Winning Marketing Strategy with ChatGPT

In this tutorial, we'll use ChatGPT to create a full marketing funnel from start to finish. We'll try to ask the best questions, using the best prompts we can to reach our goals. 

We'll cover Content Marketing, Social Media, 

Step 1: Setup ChatGPT

Prompt engineering is at the core of our success here.

One best practice we'll use is to "set up" a new chatGPT so it focuses on doing what we expect him to do. 

For this tutorial, I'll consider I'm a marketplace where people can find local caregivers for elderlies. 

To set up our ChatGPT, here is what we'll start doing. 


I'm the founder of a marketplace to help people find local caregivers for elderlies. I'm working on the marketing strategy, and you will act as the best CMO in the country to help me. 

I'll give you inputs to build this strategy step by step. 

Do you understand?

Ok, we're now ready to go. 

Step 2: Content Marketing using ChatGPT

Generate Titles 

Here, we'll start by brainstorming topics with our new CMO, ChatGPT.

Prompt: Give me 20 unique article titles related to [your industry] in a click-bait style.

Give me 20 unique article titles related to elderly care in a click-bait style.

Our goal here is not to mislead users. We want very intriguing and very clickable titles. We want people to be excited enough to want to watch. 

Note that here we're covering blog posts, but you can do the same for videos ideas, podcast, webinars, whatever. 

So we now can select the most relevant ones, and put them in a spreadsheet to keep track of them. 

You can ask for more than 20 if you'd like.

Create outlines for each blog post

We now want to go further. 

I'll select one title, and create an outline for it. 

My goal here is to attract more caregivers to the platform. 

I'll select this one: "Elderly Care Nightmares: How to Avoid Common Mistakes!"

Prompt: Create an outline for the article "Elderly Care Nightmares: How to Avoid Common Mistakes!". Write it as a professional elderly caregiver, and write it for elderly caregivers. 

In this prompt is an interesting learning. 

You need to give ChatGPT a point of view. You have to give him information so it knows what do precisely. Here we tell him: "here is where you're coming at it from and here's who you're writing it for".

If you don't, it will just give an generic view. Doing this, it becomes interesting, because we add expert authority to it. 

Doing this outline step, you can make some fixes. I'm pretty happy with the outline I have now, so we're going to write the article now. 

Writing the blog post

Let's start!


Now, write the article in a helpful, casual, friendly tone, and insert personal anecdote/stories if they help illustrate your point. Start with the introduction. 

By inserting this prompt, we give ChatGPT a frame to work in. It's important to share your expectations. 

As you can notice, I also asked ChatGPT to "start with the introduction". Same here than before, you must go step by step. 

If you ask ChatGPT to write the full article in one shot, it doesn't really do it well. It ends up being very short, super basic. So we want to do it section by section.

Here is the result I get. 

Now, we're talking. That's a cool introduction to a blog post that feels like it has been written by a human. 

Now you can copy paste to your google doc, and start writing the first section. 


Now write section 1 only. 

And you go on and on and on. 

And boom, you have your first blog post in no time. 

Step 3: Social Media

Ok, time to tackle another huge part of a marketing strategy: social media. 

We'll go through the whole process. 

As for the content marketing part, we'll start with a brainstorm. 

Get ideas


Help me brainstorm 10 topics for instagram reels I can make for my wedding photography business. They need to speak to brides in the process of planning their weddings. 

Here, we're giving the context again, and who is targeted by these reels. 

I asked for 10 to keep it short here, but you could ask for 100 to have tons iof ideas, then you select the most relevant ones. 

Write the script

So now, we want to get the script for one reel I choose.


Write a 15-30 second script for "Top 5 Most Photogenic Wedding Details" with no intro or outro, just get right into it, and prioritize unique details. Write it in a fun, high energy, casual tone.

We especially want to get rid of the useless stuff here, so we ask ChatGPT to get right into it. Then, we want to make it unique, so we ask to prioritize unique details, not the common stuff we can see everywhere. 

Here is what we get.

I love the result. Of course, if you have your own details, include them. You don't have to follow all of it. 

Some tips

Now, you can replicate for everything you'd like.Here we used it for Instagram Reels, but it could have been X Threads, Youtube long-form content, whatever you wish. 

What's important here is to make sure you ask how you want it.