How to write blog posts with ChatGPT

The mistake everyone does that you have to avoid

Ok, let's talk real here. 

Usually, what happens is that people will go in ChatGPT, and shoot a prompt like this: 

Write a 2,000 words blog post about [topic].

For this tutorial, I'll consider I'm the founder of a marketplace that helps people find local caregivers for the elderly. 

So, the prompt would be:
Write a 2,000 words blog post about elderly caregiving. 

Here is the kind of result you can expect from it. 

It's bad. The blog post is short, it's generic, and it lacks personality. 

Now, we're here to step up your ChatGPT game, so let's go. 

Step 1: Setup your ChatGPT

The first thing to do is to set up your ChatGPT. What does it mean? 

Well, everytime you open a new chat window in ChatGPT, it starts with all the knowledge it has. 

So you have to give it context so it 

To do that, we'll explain who we are, what we want to accomplish, and 

So here is the prompt:

I'm the founder of a marketplace to help people find local caregivers for the elderly. I'm working on the content strategy, and you will act as the best content writer in the country to help me. 

I'll give you inputs to create content together, step-by-step. 

Do you understand?

In this video, you'll see how it goes. 

Now, ChatGPT is ready to focus on this task, and this task only. 

This step is extremely important to get the best results.

Step 2: Generate blog post ideas

Now it's time to find ideas. 

To do that, we're going to brainstorm with ChatGPT. 

We want to find the best ideas in the industry, that people will want to read, so we're going to prompt ChatGPT this way.

The prompt:

Give me 20 unique article titles related to elderly care in a click-bait style.

I asked 20 here to keep it short, but you could ask for 100 if you'd like. 

Step 3: Create outlines

Before to dive into blog post writing, we're going to create outlines for the blog posts.

We'll do the whole process with one blog post. 

I'll select this one: "Elderly Care Nightmares: How to Avoid Common Mistakes!"

Prompt: Create an outline for the article "Elderly Care Nightmares: How to Avoid Common Mistakes!". Write it as a professional elderly caregiver, and write it for elderly caregivers. 

That's promising. Let's start writing now!

Step 4: Write the blog post

In order to get the best result, we're going to ask ChatGPT to write the blog post step by step. 

If you don't do that, you'll fell intro the same trap as in the introduction of this tutorial, and ChatGPT won't give the best output.

I'll start with the introduction.


Now, write the article in a helpful, casual, friendly tone, and insert personal anecdote/stories if they help illustrate your point. Start with the introduction.

And from there, we can write the whole article, step-by-step.


Now write section 1 only. 


Now write section 2


Now write section 3


Now write section 4


write the conclusion, end up with a call to action to lead readers to sign up to our marketplace.

Step 5: Format the final blog post

We're almost done!

Here is the final result you get in a google doc: a 2,500 words blog post made by ChatGPT.

From here, you have to rework it a bit to make it seo-optimized.