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The Midjourney Commands Guide You Need Right Now

We spent hours translating the Midjourney commands documentation into human language so you can easily understand it.

Table of Contents

I'm pretty sure you will agree with the following statement: Midjourney is amazing, but their documentation is a mess. We decided to spend hours translating the Midjourney commands documentation into human language so you can easily understand it. So, picture this: Midjourney commands. They're like your magic wand to chat with the Midjourney AI bot on Discord. You'll be whipping up images, tweaking settings, stalking profiles (not in a creepy way), and pulling off other nifty tricks. These commands work in any bot-friendly spot on private Discord servers or even through cozy DM chats with the bot itself. Whether you're a seasoned Midjourney explorer or just stepping into the game, this guide will have you covered from start to finish.

Basic Midjourney Magic

Alright, time to break it down. These are your bread-and-butter commands for smooth sailing with the Midjourney bot:

  • /imagine (for example, /imagine mountains and rivers): The big kahuna to make images out of text magic.
  • /help: If you need a little guidance, this one's got your back.
  • /info: Peep your profile deets.
  • /subscribe: Become a Midjourney fan.
  • /fast: Speedy mode for quick pics, but expect a dash less consistency and savings.
  • /relax: Chill mode for slower pics at no cost.
  • /show <jobid>: Bring back a pic using its secret job ID.
  • /private: Keep your image projects hush-hush.
  • /public: Share the love, make all your projects public again.
  • /prefer: Get all fancy with custom Midjourney options.

You'll be dropping /imagine like it's hot, but don't sleep on the other basic commands. They're your ticket to the Midjourney Artist club.

Level Up: Advanced Image Crafting

Okay, now for the pro tips. When you're dropping /imagine, you can throw in some extra ingredients at the end. These are like flavor enhancers for your image recipe. Here are the juiciest ones:

  • -beta: Fancy experimental algorithm.
  • -hd: Older but wiser algorithm for high-res pics.
  • -aspect/-ar: Play around with image shape.
  • -w: Set the width of your pic.
  • -h: Set the height of your pic.
  • -seed: Plant the seed for image creation.
  • -sameseed: Use the same seed for all pics.
  • -no (e.g., -no mountains): Skip certain elements in your pic.
  • -iw: Adjust the weight of your image prompt.
  • -stylize <number>: Add some style to your creation.
  • -q <number>: Fine-tune image quality.
  • -chaos <number>: Crank up the randomness.
  • -fast: Quick pics, less consistency, savings galore.
  • -stop: Halt the image-making frenzy.
  • -video: Capture your creation journey on video.
  • -v <1 or 2>: Old-school algorithm vibes.
  • -uplight: Fancy word for making images brighter.

Artistic Flair

Feeling artsy? Stylize commands got you covered:

  • -s 625: Less artsy, more straightforward.
  • -s 1250: Artsy but not over the top.
  • -s 2500: Default artsy level.
  • -s 20000: Let the artsy vibes take over.
  • -s 60000: Full-blown artsy explosion.

Quality vs. Speed

Quality commands let you juggle between image looks and how fast they pop up:

  • -q 0.25: Super speedy, slightly rough.
  • -q 0.5: Faster, less detail.
  • -q 1: Regular ol' quality.
  • -q 2: Slower, more detail.
  • -q 5: Wild experimental mode.

URL Play

Stick a URL into /imagine and let Midjourney use it as inspiration. Like magic!

  • /imagine <URL> (e.g., /imagine nebula).

Weighty Text

Give your text some weight. You're like the personal trainer of image prompts!

  • /imagine bread::1.5 food::-1: More bread, less food.
  • /imagine dog::1.25 animal::-0.75: Pup vibes, fewer animals.
  • /imagine bread food::-1 animal: Bread wins, animals lose.

Command Central: Settings and More

Want more control? These commands are your BFFs:

  • /settings: Visual settings hub.
  • /prefer suffix: Non-visual tweaks.
  • /prefer suffix <text>: Add your style.
  • /prefer auto_dm True: Automatic DM deliveries.
  • /prefer option set <name> <value>: Like shortcuts for settings.
  • /prefer option list: List your fancy options.

Out with the Old

Some commands hit the road, replaced by new stars:

  • /private is now /stealth.
  • /pixels and /idea took a vacation.

Extras and FAQ

In case you're hungry for more, we've got extras:

  • /ask: Get answers.
  • /daily_theme: Ping for theme updates.
  • /docs: Quick link to user guide topics.
  • /faq: Quick link to FAQs.

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