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32 Midjourney Tips & Tricks to Improve Your AI Art

Whether you're a total newbie or already rocking it, these 32 mind-blowing tips and tricks are here to help you become a Midjourney superstar.

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Hey there, art enthusiast! Ready to dive into the awesome world of Midjourney, the AI generative art wonderland? Whether you're a total newbie or already rocking it, these 32 mind-blowing tips and tricks are here to help you become a Midjourney superstar. We're talking about everything from nifty settings tweaks to making your own killer wallpapers. So, buckle up as we venture into the land of Midjourney and unlock the secrets to creating jaw-dropping AI-generated art.

1. Make Magic with Slash Settings

So, you wanna flex your artistic muscles? The slash settings command is your new best friend. Tweak default settings, crank up the quality, and play around with styles using this simple trick. Oh, and don't miss out on the chillax mode!

2. Shape Things Up with --AR

Feeling cinematic or square today? The dash dash AR command lets you choose your art's aspect ratio. Go wild with different dimensions and give your art some extra flair.

3. Bring on the Chaos for Crazy Art

Want to spice things up? The chaos parameter is your go-to. Adjust it between 0 and 100 to shake things up and get a wild variety of images. Embrace the unpredictability!

4. Mix it Up with Slash Blend

Ready to blend worlds? The slash blend command lets you mash up different images into one mind-blowing masterpiece. It's like a flavor explosion for your eyeballs!

5. One Word, Endless Art

Short and sweet prompts are where it's at. Drop a single word like "surrealism" and watch the AI work its magic. You'll be amazed by the unexpected treasures it churns out.

6. Rule Seamless Patterns with Tile

Patterns are your playground with the tile parameter. Whip up patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, and more. Your imagination is the only limit!

7. Style Your Way with Stylized Parameters

Style is the name of the game. Get that sweet spot between staying true to the prompt and diving into new creative territories with the stylized parameter. You're the boss!

8. Your Personal Art Studio Template

Boost your Midjourney journey with a custom Art Studio template. Dive into a treasure trove of 500 design pieces, organize your art, and tap into engineered prompts for mind-blowing results.

9. Anime Vibes with Niji Model

Anime lovers, rejoice! The Niji model gives your creations that sweet Anime touch. Switch things up for an infusion of Anime awesomeness in your art.

10. Supercharge with Multi-Prompt Magic

Ready for complexity? Mix it up with multi-prompt commands. Use double colons to separate elements and cook up scenes that'll have people staring in awe.

11. Say No to Unwanted with No Parameter

Don't like something? Use the no parameter to show it the door. Tailor your prompts for laser-focused results that match your vision.

12. Set the Stage with Perfect Perspectives

Change your viewpoint, change your art. Specify aerial or worm's eye views to play with emotions and give your art a fresh look.

13. Add Mood with Mood Indicators

Feeling moody? Add mood indicators like "happy" or "dramatic" to your prompts. Set the tone for the vibes you want to convey in your art.

14. Ace Composition with Composition Parameters

Got an eye for balance? Rock the composition game by using rules like the rule of thirds. Position your subjects for ultimate visual impact.

15. Play with Colors for Awesome Vibes

Colors matter, dude. Experiment with different color combos to create vibes that match your style. It's like having a whole new paint palette at your fingertips.

16. Light it Up for Legit Realism

Lights, camera, action! Get real by defining lighting conditions for your art. Set the mood and make your pieces pop with legit lighting effects.

17. Nailing Specifics with Collective Nouns

Let's get specific, shall we? Swap out generic terms for specific collective nouns that tell Midjourney exactly what you're craving in your art.

18. Go Numbers for Clear Prompts

Numbers are your secret weapon. Swap out plurals for numerical values to give your prompts a crystal-clear edge. Midjourney will totally get what you're after.

19. Camera Chatter for Realistic Vibes

Be a photography nerd! Toss in camera deets like focal length, aperture, and lens to crank up the realism in your art. It's like art with a DSLR.

20. Cut the Fluff for Killer Prompts

Short and snappy is the way to go. Ditch the filler words and go for prompts that pack a punch. Keep it simple, and let your creativity run wild.

21. Punctuation? Nah. Capitalization? Nope.

Good news, grammar sticklers! Punctuation and capitalization don't matter. Midjourney gets you even if you skip the fancy stuff. Let your creativity flow, punctuation-free.

22. Emoji Magic for Fun Prompts

Time for emoji art! Toss in emojis for a quirky twist. Mix and match them for unexpected results that'll have you grinning ear to ear.

23. Mix 'n Match for Complex Awesomeness

Ever thought about combining prompts? Get ready for mind-bending art by mixing and matching different elements. Your art will tell stories you never imagined.

24. Go Big with Upscaling

Size matters, even in art. Boost your images by upscaling them to higher resolutions. Perfect for printing or making your screens pop.

25. Famous Art as Muse

Steal from the greats! Use famous artworks as inspiration for your prompts. It's like collaborating with the legends while creating something totally unique.

26. Art for Your Gadgets

Deck out your gadgets with custom wallpapers. Whip up images that match your device's screen size and let your artistic style shine every time you unlock your phone.

27. Slash Help for the Win

Lost? Slash help is here to save the day. Dive into the Midjourney Discord with confidence and get all the info you need to rock the AI art scene.

28. Peek at the Midjourney Gallery

Hit up the Midjourney gallery for inspo galore. Check out prompts and images from other users to jump-start your own creative journey.

29. Smash Creative Blocks with AI

Stuck in a rut? Use Midjourney to spark your writing or storytelling mojo. Whip up prompts related to your characters or themes, and watch the creativity flow.

30. Imitation Game with a Twist

Put a spin on famous artworks. Use prompts that mimic them and let Midjourney take you on a unique creative adventure.

31. Concept Art for Your Projects

Got big plans? Use Midjourney to cook up concept art for games, animations, and more. Give life to your characters and settings with AI-generated awesomeness.

32. Hang with the Midjourney Crew

Join the Midjourney gang for the ultimate art party. Share your creations, chat with fellow artists, and dive into challenges that'll push your creativity to the max.


You're now armed with the ultimate arsenal of tips and tricks to conquer Midjourney like a pro. From dialing in settings to experimenting with crazy prompts, you've got the know-how to rock the AI art world. Unleash your imagination, create stunning visuals, and dive headfirst into the boundless potential of AI generative art. It's time to make your mark, have a blast, and create art that'll leave jaws dropped and minds blown. Get ready to be the AI art guru you were born to be!

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